This is not a blog for everyone.  It may even be sporadic and disjointed, but it will reflect my life as I come to grips with growing older and the accompanying aging pains and predicuments.  It will look at life as I try to finally figure it out, at faith as I explore how to be a living, breathing Christian in a world that sometimes boggles my mind…which, by the way, does not need any more boggling…and hopefully how to rid myself of the things that have been holding me back all these years, especially the fears.  Seventh Decade not heaven but closer now than I have ever been before.  I honestly haven’t given much thought to how this will take form, but isn’t that one of the joys of old age…you really aren’t expected to make sense,  I am not ready to toss in the towel, sit on the couch, or look back at my youth.  I want to look forward to heaven certainly, but also to learning new things, meeting new friends, letting go of all things that are toxic to mind, body and spirit, unless, of course, that includes chocolate.

So join me for a one time visit or on the journey.   Moving into my Seventh Decade is about Living with Gusto, so I can die with a fork in my hand because the BEST is yet to come!


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