Waste Not, Want Not–Thanksgiving 2016

image“I wonder if they will finish this road in my lifetime?”

I remember when a question like that one involved what seemed like, well, a LIFETIME!  At seventy one years of age that period of time on earth has dramatically shortened.

Where has the time gone?  What have I been doing?  How many of those years passed without a single thought? Just getting up, getting kids up, going to work, to school day upon day.  I call those the Blur Years.

At this point, I cannot afford another Blur Year.  That doesn’t mean a MEMORABLE Year–The Lord knows that ship has sailed–it means a life lived in the NOW.  A life lived in the gratitude of every moment, a life lived without waste.

That set me thinking, a fairly dangerous undertaking, what am I discarding, ignoring, missing?  What am I wasting?

The cliche would be ‘time’.  BUT that tends to send me into a tailspin of activity, work, frenzy, and frustration.  So I started writing short takes on what a ‘Waste Not’ life would include.  My desire this Thanksgiving Season isn’t to compile an all inclusive list, but to hopefully, spark others to consider those precious and ordinary life moments in danger of being wasted.

Just Saying




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