Autumn Wings–Songs, Football, and other things.

September 2,image 2016

Sitting on my back deck, which really is no more that four or five planks wide, feeling the sun warm my back and the wind cool my face, past Septembers zig zagged across my mind. Even my pathetic weed infested flower garden could not damp my spirit nor compell me to come pull weeds.   From the day I started school, September 1951 at the age of 6 in First Grade [kindergarten was for the rich kiddos–or that was what I thought–it certainly was not REQUIRED]  I loved school.  I loved it so much I even went back to school after having 3 children and stayed till I had a Masters Degree.  I would have stayed longer probably if I could have figured how to do it financially.  Fall was and probably still is my season of possibilities, new chances in the midst of the familiar….Football, now soccer, the smell of books–I went to the library yesterday just to fill up that longing–pumpkins to carve or bake into pies or bread, Thanksgiving, Crisp nights, warm days, hay rides….now for us Florida in October.

I was young and now I am old…in body but not in spirit.  I love FALL’s Coming and so I tried to write it down:

Autumn Wings

For a myriad of reasons
Fall as a season
Of the year
Or the life I hold dear
Brings with cool breezes
Allergic sneezes
A pallet of color
Like no other
For me new beginnings
A sense of unending
Possibilities to learn
Or time to sojourn
Football games with fans
Lining the stands
In shirtsleeves, then jackets
The magnificent racket
Of Autumn sounds
Resound and abound
When I was young
With the years far flung
Fall promised new chances
So it has been as age slowly advances
I was not born old
And truth be told
Being behind my face
I don’t see a trace
Of the multitude of Falls,
Winters, Springs, Summer—the long haul
Has carved like scars
On my face, mind, body so far
None of that can touch
The heightened thrill I love so much
When Autumn reaches through Summer’s heat
And spreads life, laughter, love at my feet
Hearing the music only Fall brings
Expanding my heart experiencing wings.

Rise up and Fly!   Just Saying….

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