I Walked Through Hell Just For YOU

The world can be a frightening place. Life is not always fair.  Today as I completed my devotions, prayed and opened my tablet to write, these words came pouring out and so I share them with you.  If you have never known betrayal, or been falsely accused, or felt left alone to fend for yourself in an unfair situation, these words will mean nothing to you.  If, however, you like me have experienced any of these, perhaps you will find some comfort here.

Poison Darts
Pierce my Heart
Trembling Hands, bloodshot eyes
Stomach knots, courage flies
In the Garden, on my knees
Leaving others to pray with me
God Alone in agony
While friends weary, nod and sleep
Facing the hell that man can deal
To you who read these words, surreal.

And yet, it is I
Who knows what you
When men, enemy or friend
Are suffering Through
Hard to see how the evil of man
Could ever fit into God’s great plan
So I am here to strengthen you
Help you walk, stand and wait
Trust in Me, Don’t fear your fate.
I walked through hell just for YOU!

I will send you counselors, friends to be
At your side, but put your FAITH IN ME.
Trust Me Who conquered the grave
For My Glory My Hand will Save.
Trust me to see you through
I walked through hell just for YOU!


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