Autumn Author Discovery: Kim Radish


Before we pack up the van with the pile of stuff I have sitting in the corner of my dining area in Kentucky, toss in Max and Emma and head south to Florida, I have to share my new AUTHOR DISCOVERY…Kim Radish.  Now Kim has been writing for a while and apparently from the reviews of her books she has quite a following…in fact, it would appear readers either love her work or dislike it intensely.  I have finished two of her books and am in the “LOVE HER WRITING” Camp.  While after reading, I realize we may have decidedly different world views in some areas, we are dancing to the same tune in others.  Do you ever just know you would like someone if you were to meet them.  In Kim’s case I may be able to make that happen.

Here is the “About the Author” from A GRAND DAY TO GET LOST:

Kim Radish, Author

Kim Radish, Author    ‘Kris Radish is a former journalist, nationally syndicated columnist, and the author of The Elegant Gathering of White Snows, Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn, Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral, Searching for Paradise in Parker, P.A., The Sunday List of Dreams, The Shortest Distance Between Two Women, Hearts on a String, Tuesday Night Miracles and two non-fiction books, Run, Bambi, Run and The Birth Order Effect. She lives near St. Petersburg, Florida where is also co-owner of a wine lounge, the Wine Madonna, and where she hosts book clubs and reading groups from across the country when she’s not working on her next two novels.’

imageI took a chance on the first book of Ms. Radish’s I read, downloading it to my Kindle and immediately found myself drawn in….What woman has not had at least one moment when anger became a living being and she found herself at a crossroads?…Meet Jane, who attacked a collegue with her stilleto heels, Kit, who broke a wine bottle over her brother’s head, or Grace, who bashed her teenage daughter’s boyfriend’s expensive car and then backed up and bashed it again.  Add to the mix a young battered mother, Leah, living in a shelter for the abused and you have the mixed group for Dr. Olivia Bayer’s final Court Ordered Anger Management Class and oh, yes, Phyllis, Dr. Bayer’s dog, who provides the unique dog perspective.  Dr. Bayer is ready to retire and secures permission to take this group on  a less traditional path of group therapy that even she admits could end badly.

No more spoilers…read the book.  Let me know what you think.

imageAfter completing TUESDAY NIGHT MIRACLES I hungered…ok, maybe that is a little melodramatic..for more of this author’s writing so I chose A GRAND DAY TO GET LOST  and entered the world of Emily, age 57, divorced mother of a son who is busy with his own life.  Emily has taken a month off from her library job in Ohio to drive her aunt to Florida to spend the winter.  On the way back from settling her aunt in her winter digs, Emily abandons I-75, throws out her map, both actions absolutely contrary to her nature.  After encountering an alligator in the middle of the road she has embarked on as well as a belligerent male driver, she stops to puruse an Estate Sale.  As an archivist in the university library back in Ohio, she finds things like grocery lists taped above the telephone intreguing.

She ends up with some items of clothing, knowing people often stuff important things into pockets and then forget about them plus three old cardboard boxes filled with yellowing paper.  Those three boxes contain what appears to be a manuscript by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings; however, it is dated 1963 ten years after the Pulitzer Prize winning author of THE YEARLING’s death.

“The truth of it all is that risk is part of the package. You can sit there watching the daylight fade and wonder what you might have seen if you would have gotten off the chair, or you can plunge into that first hint of morning light and stop being such a baby. Every day is a grand day to get lost and see what happens. Life is hard, but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun.”  From A GRAND DAY TO GET LOST, Kim Radish

As Emily explores the possiblities, it appears she is not the only one interested.  She soon finds herself becoming involved with the magic of Central Florida that captivated Marjorie in 1928, with the people, and with others who are a part of the world that was Marjories.  New friends, Silver, an author with secrets, who takes Emily in, and Auggie, Silver’s best friend and a cast of others join her in the quest.  Add to that a mysterious man with a red SUV who seems to be stalking them.

Honestly one of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much was the information about Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, her life, her Cross Creek farm near Hawthorne, Florida and her writing.  Since it is just south of Gainsville, off I-75, I will put it on my list of places to explore this winter.

Additionally, I am delighted to know that Kim Radish co-owns The Wine Madonna and that there are book discussions held there in St. Petersburg, FL.

Take a moment to look up Kim Radish and her books.  I think many of you will find her writing compelling, especially those of you who are remarkable people in your own right….

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