Varicose Vein Art–Tattooing for the Mature Leg

Well as the title suggests I have gone completely crazy. Outside it is raining and art projects are always good for a rainy day, so that is my excuse for this occassion of loss of sanity. I am sure I can find an excuse for the next one, but it gets harder since the frequency of occurances has increased in direct proportion to my age. By chance I just happened to purchase 12 Sharpies, so eventually this stuff will wash off.

Even though my designs came after studying the various spider and varicose vein patterns on one leg and then doodling, I think I may be on to something. We spent a day at a water park last Friday and I had opportunity to observe multiple examples of Body Art, even a few butterflies on butt cheeks that had aged into buzzards. Elaborate and simple, many, few, only one visible, tatts in view on multiple parts of the body and some bodies left little to the imagination.

I do not like pain…and my taste is getting a permanent tatt at my age is highly unlikely unless I am high, which is also highly unlikely.

Did I mention it was raining?image


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