Against All Odds–The Father Who Fights for Me.

Last night my sleep plans did not go as planned.  Assaults came from every side as our dogs, who sleep with us…I know, I know that’s my choice…trapped me in an uncomfortable position from which I managed to extricate myself, walk around the bed, and crawl in next to Terry, who was  more accommodating than the dogs.  However, there I was on THE WRONG SIDE of the bed.  Already my mind was a jumble, but I found myself in THE DARK WOODS of my life.  I remember shivering with each mental ambush and wondering things like, “Am I really that awful person?”,”Why haven’t I taken care of that?”, “Did I say that?”, and the ever-present ugly voice that shouts, “You are despicable, a lousy daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend, grandmother…lousy, lousy, lousy!

There I was trapped between awake and asleep, vulnerable, laid bare, wondering if my life was flashing before me and if it was where were the good times, the fun times, the loving times?  Normally, I am not a negative person…yes, I have baggage that needs to be burned, but looking back at the onslaught of the ambushes I recognise again that memories in the hand of the enemy have greater half-life than any toxic waste dump.

Just as I had reached the shadow of the pit that threatened to pull me under, I felt the Father’s hands reaching, grasping me close to Him and I heard scripture, the Word in my head, knew that even though I could not move, HE COULD.  He tore away the garments of despair yet again, dressed me in His love and placed on me HIS ARMOR–perhaps I thought it is in the middle of the night that I need HIS ARMOR most. He whispered to me and as He did the pit dissolved and I felt solid holy ground.

This morning when I woke, rested and safe, next to the man I love, I am so grateful to have a Father, who not only gave his ONLY begotten Son for me, but who never leaves me.  I know across the world, in Charleston, SC, in Berkley, CA, in any place where Satan tries to bring despair, loss, anger, fear, God still moves to wrap His Love around a hurting broken world.  I also know He faces those who despise and reject Him with the same love He showed me in the night.

I opened Facebook to find this Post from The Episcopal Church and laughed…Should have prayed this before crawling into bed last night: imageIn May 2013 I wrote the following for a Braking Points against all odds Devotional and was led back to it this morning for it is true “if God be for us, who can be against us.” [Romans 8:31]  Even in the terrorist attacks of the night, the ODDS are in the favor for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Against all odds, I stand before you

Against the storm, you strengthen me

And when the words whirl round to halt me

Your love and grace, they set me free.

I will stand clothed here in your armor

For your will abides in me

And even if I’m bowed and bloody

My hope in Christ will never flee.

I will not leave the work you’ve given

Tho’ threatened harm by friend and foe

I will not leave the work you’ve given

For where oh Lord would I go.

Against all force, both flesh and spirit

Against the storm, you fight for me

And then what can ever harm me

Your Love and Grace they set me free.

I will also remember to sleep with my ARMOR on.

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