Back in 2014 I wrote this, but today was somehow drawn back to it because I am exploring yet again what it means to LOVE like Jesus loves. It was a reminder that he knows personnally how awful, cruel, sinful, misled, broken we are. He loved the untouchables, the self-righteous bigots, the ones who flaunted their depravity, the ‘you fill in the blank’. He came not to condemn, but to show LOVE in its finest HOUR!

Braking Points


While in Tulsa recently I saw a church sign that read,” What if God were one of us?” Since then I have rolled that around in my mind? Of course God is in all believers, but by Jesus own words He is also in the weakest, the sickest, the loneliest…the least of us and am I not both filled with His Spirit, but also among the least at times. The following verses emerged from my thought cycle. Readers, I hope they are meaningful to you.

What if God were One of us?

Fragile flesh, brittle bones, she sits and watches all alone
She searches faces as they pass, seeking solace in a glance
Once a beauty, once a lass, a wife, a mother inclined to dance
Now tired and weary to the bones, she waits in silence for the phone.

What if God were One of us? Would we see…

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