I Wonder as I Wonder and then WANDER a Bit–Friday Review

These Wonder, Wandering Friday Catch ups tax me.  First, it requires some memory searching about the last seven days…not as easy as it once was.  Second, it requires that I choose what if anything I remember should make it into my Re-Cap Friday Blog.  But you know I really love sharing.  Let me know what you are up to also.

Well, I did finish reading two books…two totally different books.

Books for the Week:

What I finished:

THE BONE TREE by Greg Iles  If you have not had the opportunity to read any books by Greg Iles, you might want to give them a try.  My introduction to his fiction was THE QUIET GAME, which was the first of his Penn Cage novels with the one I just finished listed as the fifth Penn Cage novel.  Other books he has written with settings in Mississippi, specifically, Natchez, MS, have main characters who show up as minor characters in other novels.  While all of his books present both historical and present day Mississippi and the toll racism and political maneuvering have had on the citizens, both black and white, none of them quite matches NATCHEZ BURNING (NB)and THE BONE TREE (TBT).  NB is the book immediately preceding this one.

Also, unlike many books in a series, NB and TBT cannot be read as stand alone novels, in fact the strings yet connected at the end of TBT require the sixth Penn Cage novel yet to be released.  The three obviously are ONE NOVEL.  These are not happy books.  These are not books where you can expect mortally wounded main characters to miraculously recover to fight another day.

Additionally, for those of you like us who listen to audio books while driving, we have enjoyed three of his books on road trips.  His prose, characterizations, and conversations lend themselves well to audio versions.

So as in past books Greg Iles style of writing, his grasp of the issues and politics both present and past, his complex characters grab me and keep me reading to the bitter, if as in TBT, somewhat inconclusive end….bring on the next one, Greg Iles.

AT THE WATER’S EDGE by Sue Gruen  This book by the author of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS (WFE), I read in one day and joyfully it had a conclusion I could live with, although I would not mind reading more about Maddie.  Do not intend any spoilers about the ending, but like WFE,  Water’s Edge heroine, Maddie Hyde, discovers late that the man she married and the life she has been living are both deceptive and pretentious.  Set near the end of WWII, it moves from the prologue in Scotland to New York City back to Scotland, Loch Nes in search of the monster.  After a frightening ocean voyage including picking up badly burned injured men from the water after a U-Boat attack, settling into lodging without electricity, the pompous threesome, Maddie, her husband, Ellis, and their friend, Hank immediately rub everyone in the village the wrong way.  Maddie, however, in part because of the litters full of injured men on the ship, begins alibet in small steps to open her eyes to others around her and to so much more, becoming more and more suspicious of her husband and Hank while growing closer and closer to the people she encounters.  I gave it five stars on Goodreads.

What I am reading:  Actually have not started this one, but I am looking forward to a good weekend read of Paper Towns by John Green

What Terry is STILL reading: ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE (at my suggestion) by Anthony Doerr

What we are listening to: ME BEFORE YOU by JoJo Moyes—Same as last week.  It is long and we have not been in the car nearly as much this week.

Art Project for the week:

I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon with my granddaughter painting palm trees.  From what everyone has told me that is one of the easiest trees to draw or paint.  We did them on card stock and also on canning jars.  She is going to save her money for Florida Spring Break 2016 in hers.  Used acrylics and then baked them for 30 minutes in oven, leaving them in there until completely cool.  That way, they can be washed gently without removing the paint.

My Palm Tree Jar, Abigail's Mom took hers home

My Palm Tree Jar, Abigail’s Mom took hers home

Photo of the Week–Not mine but our Florida neighbors’ shot of ‘Andy‘ Alligator in the drainage ditch behind our Florida residence.  I wrote about ‘Andy’ in an earlier post, while we were still in residence there.

Andy is Back

Andy is Back

Today our dogs went to Doggie Spa for baths, toenails, and for Max a summer hair cut.  Neither were very happy about the experience, but Emma vocalized her dismay the loudest.


I also got a sweet gift from my daughter.  She had asked me to send her a photograph of my favorite picture of my mother.  This week she brought me a necklace with that picture under a curved dome.  Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.

Almost like a cameo

Almost like a cameo

Since I am finishing this so late,  I want to close with a prayer I found on The Episcopal Church Facebook page.


May you have a blessed and wonderful weekend.  Praying you find a place to Worship in Community with others on Sunday!

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