WOULD BE WRITERS REMEMBER: ‘Amateurs Built the ARK, Professionals Built the Titanic’

I stole this title from a Twitter Post promoting ‘trying something new’….I am a huge fan of trying new things.  Also, I would prefer to build an Ark rather than a Titanic, but don’t plan to build either one.

Admittedly, I have not always been so open to new experiences,  AND, boundaries exist on what I am willing to experience–not bungy jumping, base jumping, hedge jumping or jumping off my back porch.  I will, however, jump in exercise class at Fitness Formula and might attempt jump rope.  Back in sixth grade I was not too bad at jumping rope with two people swinging the rope as I ran in and sang:

‘Cinderella, dressed in yellow, went upstairs to kiss her fellow. How many times did she kiss him?  1, 2 , 3 and so on’ until rope and foot tangled.

I started blogging in 2013 and much like jumping rope, I have gotten tangled and tripped a few times.  First, I spent a lot of time just trying to figure out how to manage the mechanics provided by Word Press.  Second, I stumbled over inconsistency,  misdirection, and lack of closure.  Third, I discovered the incongruity forced on me to have ONLY ONE VOICE bound my writing with unrealistic expectations.  It is not that I have multiple personalities, but that even with one personality I have many faces…. TRUST ME, THERE IS ONE YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE!   And, I have many VOICES.

I am ONE person but I have MULTIPLE Faces and Voices.  To hide one diminishes ALL.

Writing is often lonely, looney, and lacking in feedback.  Amateur writers like myself live with a good measure of doubt and insecurity.  I cannot speak for all writers, but I do know that I feel a day is incomplete, if I have written nothing.  BUT putting it out there for others to read, takes a different set of steps on this jumprope called writing.

Perhaps that is why I appreciate the rare early meaning of an ‘Amateur’  as a person who did something for the pure pleasure, love of doing it. Over the years in the worldly quest for degrees, licensure, and financial compensation as proof of accomplishment, the title amateur has been reduced to a semantic state synonomous with unskilled, unqualified, and non professional. While professional elevates one to expert status.

I have been a professional…although not in the big bucks category…not even the middle bucks category, but I had the degrees, certification and licensure in frames on the wall.

Now I am an amateur and I love it.

Even if I were ever to earn money from the things I do for pleasure…I would rather be known as an amateur. In fact, I feel certain there are others who consider themselves Professional Amateurs, because they love what they are doing

Lately I have been reading other writer’s blogs and I want to recommend two of them to those of you who desire to write.

The first one is The Positive Writer  is written by Bryan Hutchinson and some guest writers.  Bryan’s work has been published published in newspapers, national magazines, books, on famous blogs, and as it says on his ABOUT PAGE “on toilet paper. (So, yes, I guess my work’s been flushed.)”

As he says, “I created Positive Writer for fellow writers who are stuck like I was, stuck in doubt, uncertain of their abilities, and yet, have an overwhelming desire to create work that matters.  I overcame Writer’s Doubt, and you can, too!”

I get daily email notifications of The Positive Writer which serve to encourage and challenge me.

Additionally, recently I ran onto A Little Bird Tweets, a blog created and written by Donna Henderson.  Donna’s specialty is original flash fiction, especially of the psychological thriller/horror genre, but also touching romance and science fiction.  She is self taught and published.  Check her blog out.

One thing I really gained from was her page called ON WRITING which contains writing prompts, so we amateurs can add new steps to our jump rope routines.  I also checked out her links to her monthly writing group, which contained lots of helpful hints and ideas.  Loved it, Loved it, Loved it.

AS I said CHECK OUT Donna’s Blog. If for some reason my link does not work try http://alittlebirdtweets.com.

Having the encouragement of other writers while discovering more about them really dispells some of the loneliness and need for feedback…giving feedback involves writing.  Looniness just comes with the territory.

Now Because I found them so intriguing, WRITER Friends, Here are some of Donna’s Change of View Point Prompts:

  • What if Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction had special powers and used them to try to win Dan’s love?
  • What if The Terminator’s goal was to fall in love with Sarah Connor?
  • Imagine if Rainman had been a serial killer and had hid behind his condition so that he wasn’t discovered?
  • Imagine if Norman Bates in Psycho had existed during Victorian London, alongside Jack the Ripper?

Have Fun.  Try Writing. It is a lot like Jump Rope, timing and foot work compared to timining and mind/finger work, unless you type with your toes, which is perfectly fine with me.


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