The Faces of Grace–Thoughts on a Sunday Morning


In the 1984 movie “Places in the Heart” starring Sally Field, written and directed by Robert Benton “the movie ends, as it began, in church. Wayne passes communion to Margaret and it’s passed from character to character from the movie, both living and dead. The last words are “Peace of God” spoken by the black boy Wylie to the Sheriff he had accidentally killed.”

Holy Communion, The Eucharist, The Lord’s Supper gathers in the spectra of fallen humanity, folks like me and folks totally unlike me.  Yet, for those who accept the invitation we take the bread–Christ’s Body boken for ALL–we take the cup–Christ’s Blood poured out for the remission of ALL our SINS.  We Christians come to share in the Body and Blood of Christ, to express our brokenness and accept His perfect healing.


We become the Body of Christ as we unite in common sacraments, our parts though different strengthened by the transfusion of His Blood, our sins forgiven, wounds healed we go forth to gather others in by the power of His Love.  Yet we will be wounded, broken again.  We will sin, but He knew that…He knows exactly what and how we are going to act, before we do.  That is why He calls us, welcomes us at His Table, not because we are GOOD, but because we are HIS…

Fifty years ago today
She gave her only child away
To live a life easy to regret
Years went by
How time has flown
Her days are mostly spent alone
Daring to remember
Hoping to forget

This is My body broken just for you
For all you’ve been
And all you’ve been through
This is My blood
And when you’ve reached the end
I offer you again the body and blood

He fought a war against his will
Truth be known he’s fighting still
He looks for hope
Through narrow blood-shot eyes
He slips into a polished pew
Lingers for an hour or two
Sometimes it feels better
To sit and cry awhile


One by one we take the common cup
We remember and we lift it up

Janet Paschal

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