Objects in My Rear View Mirror–Road Rage


I am appreciative of the warning on my side mirrors. It reminds me to double check before pulling into another lane of traffic avoiding being rear ended,  blasted by screeching brakes, heavy handed horn blowers or obscene gestures.  I learned the top five reasons for “Road Rage” on the Expedia Report 2015 are:

“The Texter” generated the most fury, earning the scorn of 26% of Americans. “The Tailgater” (13%) ranked second, narrowly edging out “The Left Lane Hog” (12%), “The Crawler” (10%) and “The Multitasker” (7%).”

I admit that I do drive in the left lane quite a bit on the interstate highways, because of the “texters”, “crawlers” and “multitaskers”–I do travel about 5 miles above the posted speed limit only to find myself being tailgated by folks driving 10-15 miles above the posted speed limit, with my mirror’s warning in mind, I realize that they are practically in my trunk.  At that point, I usually start looking for a way to pull over into the right lane, turn on my signal to indicate my intent only to have them surge forward, passing me on the right. I turn off my signal, well usually I remember to do that, as I see them in my side mirror pulled up short by the afore mentioned texters, crawlers, multitaskers with the addition of large trucks.

Last September returning from a Memorial Service for our Aunt Opal, I hit a deer. He was badly injured and unabled to stand. As he lay there struggling, I cried. His distress bothered me more than the condition of our vehicle. A passing motorist in a pick-up truck stopped to check on us.  Assessing our condition, including my hand wringing, tear stained face as I paced around the injured animal, he made a phone call to the Kentucky State Police.  Basically, he asked if he could put the deer down.  I heard his end of the conversation.

Shoving his phone into his pocket, I expected him to return to his truck, pull out a shotgun or rifle.  I was not prepared for him to draw a large black pistol, Terry said it was a 9mm.  I could have cared less what it was all I saw was BIG! BLACK! LETHAL! Pulled it from the small of his back, fired more than one bullet into the injured deer, nodded to us and the State Trooper who had pulled up behind us, strode to his pick-up and drove away.

Viewing this whole event in my Rear View Mirror on Life, has had several effects on me when I am traveling and NO, I have not abandoned driving in the left lane entirely. However, I do put on my blinker and pull into the right lane, when almost being rear ended in the left lane or when I feel like I am leading a parade.  I never text when driving.  No one ever accused me of crawling, except those dudes in the left lane.  I try to stay several car lengths behind the vehicle ahead of me…Terry would dispute this, but hey! this is my story and I am sticking to it. AND, I only put on make-up, adjust the radio, etc. when stopped at a stop light….Does that count? Especially since I usually only wear lipstick.

The media news reports carry alarming stories about ‘Road Rage’ incidents that lead to death and injury. As for me, I still remember the man who stopped to help us last September, the ease with which he pulled his gun and fired.


2 thoughts on “Objects in My Rear View Mirror–Road Rage

  1. 3boxesofbs

    Isn’t the fact that you’ve probably ticked off many people who are carrying by being one of the “left lane hoggers” evident that you have little to worry about?

    Most people were taught the left lane is for passing only. Yet we still have millions of people camped out in that lane only to realize they should let traffic pass after the traffic is already stacked up behind them.
    And if you look at the conviction rates for those with concealed handgun licenses; you’ll find they are a very lawful bunch. Here in Texas, the conviction rate for those folks has never exceeded 0.50% of convictions in any year. Half a percent. Hardly the folks you have to worry about.

    Bob S.


    1. ckisler Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Bob. I agree with you that most gun carriers are a lawful bunch and was grateful that I encountered one such fellow the night I hit the deer. And you are right cruising in the left lane should not be a pattern especially as I said when you notice you are leading a parade.



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