Sometimes things need to break to set the captive free

Sometimes I hit the brakes before I hit a tree

Sometimes giant waves break on rocks or sandy shore

The tides of life breaking so the captive can see more

In breaking there comes insight, not seen when tight and closed

In breaking comes the mending, a healing in repose   Ckisler, 2015

I have decided to take a short respite–actual time to yet be determined–from publishing on both my blogs, Braking Points and My Seventh Decade. I do not plan to stop writing, only to take a step back from the public view. I love writing. There is something calming in calling words to mind, stringing them together, and sharing myself in the creation.

However, I have noticed that because I am a random thinker, one thought pings off another, my published blogs take on a disordered pattern. I recently learned a new term–actually a physics term–entropy: noun–a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system. Or, more generally–lack of order or predictability; a gradual decline into disorder.

Has my blogging become a place where entropy reigns supreme?

One day I lean to poetry, hearing words and music in my head, although I prefer writing in solitude or at least separate from my surroundings. Another day, I take on whatever issue strikes my brain and pings around until the words are on the page and I hit “Publish”. Sometimes I open my family, my world sharing something deeply personal. And other times I go with whatever brings a smile to my face or better yet deep gut wrenching laughter…even if no one else finds it funny.

And then there are those times when a verse of scripture, a sermon, a bit of liturgy transports me and what I write. It is as if I cannot wait to share this tiny flicker of light I have found with anyone who will read what I have written.

Only to follow soon after with FASHION CONFESSION, which sheds no light on anything but my feet and saying that not enough to keep me from stumbling.

Recently while reading an article in one of my favorite blogs, The Positive Writer, I was pulled up short by the following comment written by guest author, Claire DeBoer:

“People see through an inauthentic brand immediately. If you try to be something you’re not by following advice that doesn’t resonate with you, your brand simply won’t add up. One day you’ll say something that is in sync with your voice and on point with your mission; the next you’ll come out with something completely off topic. People will notice. And when they notice they won’t trust you.” – See more at:

Is my writing voice “authentic” or does my randomness put people off? I don’t mean to be incongruous, but am I?

That is why I am going to back away from the “publish” button, share my writing with my husband so he can help me do what I do in line with what I want to be, which is a Colossians 3:17 woman.

So while I am away, I will be writing, praying, laughing, drawing in the same old random way I live…but when I return I hope to pull the randomness into a format that will be orderly, even as I continue to write about whatever’s happening in THE MOMENT or whatever pops into my head and conducts itself onto my keyboard.

Spring in a Vase--colored pencils May 2015

Spring in a Vase–colored pencils May 2015

Please Pray for me in this process.





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