FASHION CONFESSION: I Cannot Wear Thongs–the Feet Variety

Sometimes I need a break from serious and lately I have noticed there are a number of bloggers out there who share “what they wore this weekend” or “what I wore to workout.”  Then they post pictures of their tiny twenty-something selves wearing said outfits.  Quick question, does that make them millennials, guess I am not sure about the cut off age for that group. Anyway, they look so cute, in their shirts, hats, scarves, shoes.

Ok, Ok, I admit it, I am a little jealous, because ‘what I wore this weekend, except for church, were jeans and a T-shirt and ‘what I wore to work out’ consisted of a Tulsa Habitat for Humanity T-shirt from the 1980’s and comfy–elastic waist band, knit fabric–pants. I did put on make-up and brush my teeth and hair, but at no time was I ready for a photo shoot.

Come to think of it though, SOMEONE should do a FASHION photo shoot with women in their sixties, seventies and eighties…I could use a little advice in that area. . .and as a friend of mine said just recently, ‘youth is wasted on the young and money is wasted on the old.’  It is why I shop at Chicos sometimes…they have clothes that don’t look like my sixteen year old granddaughter and yet they have a flair.

When I worked, I wore, well, ‘work clothes’–office dressy.  I traveled in my job and did training sessions, etc. so I often wore suits, conservative dresses, blouses and pants….almost always with heels–I have at least 10 pairs…is that alot?  Somehow, that seems like a bit overdressed for my retired lifestyle.  Besides I can only walk the short distance from the car to church on Sunday morning without getting cramps in my legs and back…and off those torture devices come as soon as cross the home threshold.  Ok, I admit it, off they come in the car riding home.

Since living part of the year in Florida and the remainder in Kentucky during the warm months, I lean toward sandals.  In fact in Florida, I wear them virtually every day.


Did you ever notice that the cutest sandals are the thong style, from flip-flops to dressy, bejeweled skinny heels or wedges?  Sandal shopping must be so much fun for those who can tolerate rubber, leather, or cloth stuffed between their big toe and the next one, let alone walk in them.



Like the color, but not the style

Like the color, but not the style

Believe me, I have tried.  Not only do they hurt but I take two steps, scrunching up my toes as much as I can and they still fall off, leaving me usually with one shoe on and one shoe off….pretty quick both are off. So I am left to wear what I call my “little old lady” sandals.

Oh, Well…I will be comfortable and maybe I can divert any unwanted attention from my feet or footwear to whatever else I am wearing.  Like that would work.

Cannot do thongs on my feet no matter how silky the material!!!









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