Privileges of Aging: Prologue–The Importance of ‘SAVE’

image I am not really much of a saver.  Oh, I have a few boxes of pictures, some momentos, some gifts others have given me, but I do not SAVE everything.  My husband, on the other hand, is a SAVER, translation HOARDER.  Need a guitar, a bicycle, a cassette tape, notes from his seminary years, a specific screw or bolt, a 1993 Dodge….we got ’em.

Terry has learned what I have not.  Saving can be a lifesaver…no pun intended and I am not speaking on a spiritual level here either, although I am grateful God saved me.  I am speaking within the physical, cyberspace, computer realm.

This morning as I typed away on ‘Part One’ of these yet to be published thoughts on the ‘Privileges of Aging’ , I was pretty darn sure that my composition, prose, and poetry were among the finest I had ever written.  GUESS WE WILL NEVER KNOW!

That was BEFORE I wafted away onto the internet to look up some golden piece of wisdom to include in my draft…..wafted away so that when I returned, all that remained was the picture above of the serene older woman, I wish I was.  NO, NO, NO….gulp! Yes.  I had failed to hit the ‘Save Draft’ blue button at the right lower edge of this composition page.

So here I was ready to start over…when it hit me…Learning what to save, when to save, and how to save ranks high in the list of Privileges of Aging.  Aging affords a better perspective on what is important and what is not.  Maybe some folks in their twenties, thirties and forties can know what to hang on to and what to toss…not talking about that lucky concert T-shirt, either,  but here at seventy, I really want to be able to separate the chaff from the grain.

I came up with a few, but welcome other thoughts:

Save the memories, good or bad, that have made you [me] a stronger person.  Discard the memories that discourage, belittle, or make you afraid to live.

Save any troubled relationship with another person, if you can, but once you have done what you can do, pray for them, and walk away.

Save time…we only get a little…don’t allow boredom, inertia, or panic keep you from using the moments of life allotted. . .using time creates more memories to save.

Forget about SAVING FACE…but Save your character, your values, and your hope.

Save and preserve those relationships new and old that allow you to continue to grow and explore no matter how old.  It truly is a privilege to grow old.

And whatever you do, if you are typing a manuscript of any kind….SAVE before EXITING.

Probably good advice for life in general.

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