Next Time We Are Traveling Through Alabama…Trust Me.


On our continuing trek to Kentucky on Sunday, just past Atlanta traveling, Graham requested a bathroom break. Terry and I both started scanning Exit Signs which promised services. Seeing one we scooted right on down the ramp only to find as we turned in the direction indicated that the services were three miles away and required turning onto another road to reach them.

While I scanned the straight path ahead, hopeful for an alternative to a lengthy side bar on a trip that was already stretching into the interminable, I passed the indicated turn. Whoops! So with no other choice I decided to turn around and go back so I pulled onto what looked like an access road. I could even see all the way to where I needed to get to correct my error and get back on track.

What I did not see was a large sign with SPEED CUSHION in bold letters! After topping the so called “cushion” at 40 mph, Terry and I had a brief conversation.

Speed Cushion??

Speed Cushion??

Terry: [groan] Did you not see the speed cushion sign?

Me: No, and there was no cushion to that bump at all? [ Me a little chastened]: Was there really a sign?

Terry: Not only was there a sign, there was that sizable bump you topped at 60 mph.

Me: 40…and there was NO cushion in that bump, whether I saw the sign or not.

Terry: You are obviously tired from driving through Atlanta, pull over and give me the keys. You are right though, the only cushion in that bump was the seat cushion, going up and then coming down…and that wasn’t adequate. Now just pull over. I will drive.

Me: [white knuckles gripping the wheel] Not until we find the bathrooms those signs at the EXIT promised…By the way, I am putting this exit on my never stop here again list. Do you remember what the Exit number was?

Terry: No

Me: That is alright BECAUSE next time we are traveling through Alabama!

With that settled, bathroom break accomplished, I reliquished the driver’s seat to Terry as I hummed, “Sweet Home Alabama”…it has got to be better than this. Guess we will see.


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