Sugar Lite Non-bake Cherry Pie…The Whipping Cream Pretty Much Blows Any Chance at Low Fat

In spite of my Florida Sink Hole Strawberry Cake experience, I PRESS on toward the goal of cooking and baking, although this recipe (recreated from a much richer recipe) as can be noted in the title requires no baking and also no cooking. It basically requires combining ingredients.

Let’s see if I can mess that up?

The Recipe:


1 Can Cherry or Strawberry Pie Filling
1 .60oz Cherry or Strawberry Sugar free Jello
1/4 cup Slightly Warm Water
1/2 pint Heavy Whipping Cream __I have not tried Cool Whip for this but may in the future.

imageMix first 4 ingredients together.
Place in refrigerator and watch…til it gets fairly solid

Beat Whipping cream until peaky.image


Fold Whipping cream into fairly solid berry jello mixture

Pour into graham cracker crust
Refrigerate until solid.

Serve with whipped topping.

And then VOILA! The finished but as yet untasted, except for my finger test on the tiny bit of filling in the bowl, which is sweet and tart.


I will have to let you know what Terry and Tom think about it later. It was fun to make and EASY!

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