Airing and Dusting…Where is Lady Georgiana when I need her?

imageOne of the realities faced after a long absence from a residence…especially one left closed for a season…is the layer of dust that accumulates on every surface.

I longed for Rhys Bowen‘s heroine in her Royal Spyness mystery series. Lady Georgiana, 34th in line to the throne, penniless but noble, secretly runs a “house opening” service for nobles and the upper class so that their London homes will be aired, dusted, and prepared for their return from the countryside to the city. Lady Georgiana, dressed as a maid, would enter the homes, whisk off dust covers, put linens on the beds, open windows clear out stuffiness and viola! the home was ready for the inhabitants. Off she would go to tea with Queen Mary or to solve the latest mystery that presents itself.

I need a Lady Georgiana.

Where in the world did all the dust come from? Was it hanging in the air waiting for us to depart in January so it could drift down to shroud every surface? Or, had it blown in under window and door frames? Whatever!

The windows were closed and other than an occasional house check by my daughter, the doors were closed. Still there it was, multiple layers on all the furniture, windows, curtains…now I understand why Lady Georgiana had to whisk off the dust covers! I may invest in has got to be easier to wash the covers than clean every surface.

After our 18 hour journey, a trip that normally takes 15 hours complicated by traffic in Georgia and torrential rainfall in Tennessee and Kentucky, I was barely functional Saturday and Sunday. Determined to do better Monday dawned full of sunshine and warm breezes, so I opened windows and began the process of preparing our Old Kentucky home for extended residency through Spring and Summer months.

And so today, the house is fresher and though the temperatures are cooler outside the sun is shining. Daffodils are blooming and I have cut a few dormant Forsythia branches so I can force them to bloom indoors, bringing Spring indoors. My daughter told me the Farmers Almanac predicts one more snow this March, but since I have missed the big ones, I suspect I can handle one, if I must.

The airing and the dusting have reminded me of how much easier it is to take care of maintenance routinely not just a few times a year. That applies not just to housekeeping, home or yard care, but in a broader way to mental, physical, and spiritual maintenance. My whole system needs daily airing, not shooting the breeze, being full of hot air, or passing gas, but AIRING

Adore God so my
Intentions lead to
Repentance and
Inspiration so that I may
Notice where God is working and be

And some DUSTING

Dedicate to
Unite, to
Share, and to be
Thankful so that you may
Invest in others so they may super-
Naturally experience God’s


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