Breathing Together

Do you feel it in the air?

imageSometimes like the scent of the orange blossoms on our small orange tree an emotion wafts its way along the streets, permeates conversations, moisture brims in eyes around the table as we share news of those we care about. Sometimes the scent is joyful, giddy happiness. Sometimes the scent is sorrowful, weighty saddness.

I wish that when I was sixteen, like my granddaughter Abigail is now, that I could have understood these changing emotional breezes of life. Sometimes I long for a time when the emotional waves came because so and so said something mean about me, or that boy I liked liked someone else. At 69 years, 11 months those things matter little. Life matters, friends matter, family matters and when those things are threatened, the breeze blows across me bringing with it the scent of saddness.

It is human, I know. Sometimes we long to hit the “pause” button in life or even the rewind, replay. But did you ever notice that even when you do, it happens exactly the way it did the first time…the ball goes in or it doesn’t…there are no real replays.

What we have is this moment. As the breeze fills the air with the scent of orange blossoms, let us consider the love that binds us together allowing us to feel to our cores the saddness of others. Let us do what we can to bring comfort and grace to those we know who are hurting. Let us lift our hearts and minds in prayer that this breeze, too, will wind its way to better breezes in the future, but let us not hurry the process for saddness shared is divided while joy shared is multiplied.

And remember that “if hope in ths world is all we have, we are to be pitied”, but “take heart” he has “overcome the world.”

The wind comes and the wind goes, but hold this truth close:

Even in HOPElessnes there is HOPE!


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