Buckets Empty, Buckets Full

imageDid I mention that I do not have it all together?

I just wanted to get that out there, before it became glaringly obvious.

If you need an example of my right hand not knowing what my left hand is doing, here’s a doozy. At the Walden Shores Tea Party, I had two pitchers in my hands one with hot water and the other with hot tea. As I tipped the hot water to fill a cup, I also tipped the other pot (NO, NOT ON PURPOSE) and poured hot tea on my foot and Valerie’s foot. God has given me Grace, but not the kind that provides coordinated body movements.

Believe me I have more examples!

Not only that but while I am a person of faith, a Christian, I still have scary moments of doubt. I cling sometimes to the statement of the father whose son had been healed by Jesus, but who he had not yet seen healed. When Jesus asked him if he believed, he said, “I believe, Lord, Help my unbelief.”

That is SO ME!

I can look back at my life and see evidence of God everywhere and I can look back on my life and wonder, “Where were you, God?” Sometimes He shows me the reasons for his apparent disregard, but there are times with no answers. I remind myself that I cannot see the big picture even with the benefit of the passing of time. I also remind myself that some of the picture got distorted by me and my actions.

Living in this flesh with all its prickly little appetites and attitudes challenges living a life of faith. No two ways about it, when I get hungry, I get a headache and then sometimes I give everyone around me a headache. When I get frustrated, and I do occasionally, my snap, slam, stomp passive aggressive nature with its needling snarky remarks spills out. When I get sad or embarrassed or scared, I want to curl up in a little ball and hide.

When my bucket gets full…WATCH OUT!

So I am trying to EMPTY my Bucket often…not on my husband, brother, dogs, children, grandchildren, friends, but ON GOD.

YOU should not hear some of the things GOD hears from me.

And you know what? He doesn’t whack me over the head with a 2X4, He cleans out my bucket, pours his love in and says go find someone else whose bucket is full of those pesky fleshly problems…Go love them and tell them:

God never runs out of love for us
His reserves are endless

He has plenty love for me and you
with plenty of power to banish gloom

He has time enough for every care
Every burden and despair

Big or little, Great or small
Bring it to him, Bring it all

Broken toys, Shattered dreams
Broken hearts, Scattered schemes

Bring it to him Bring it all
Big or little, Great or small

Bring your questions and your doubt
God will help you sort it out.

God is not running out you see
His reserves are endless for you and me.


Including me.

I live at the corner of Holmes and Walden Shores Drive.


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