Every Seven Years…A Map of the World in Jewelry Creations

Julia Richards and Kay Clark who are JulieKate Studios

Julia Richards and Kay Clark who are JulieKate Studios

At the regular Walden Shores’ breakfast gathering last Wednesday, Julia and Kay were talking about their jewelry creations, including their different approaches to the business. About seven years ago, JulieKate Studios emerged after Kay dragged Julia to a jewelry making class provided by another Walden Shores’ resident, Sandi Cleveland. That successful class awakened a desire in the two, which followed by a bead show, including an introduction to  Kazuri beads which became the catalyst for JulieKate Studios. They are authorized dealers in these beads which provide hope and opportunity for over 300 families in Kenya.

My beautiful Kazuri bead necklace

My beautiful Kazuri bead necklace

Both Kay and Julia love creating and making the jewelry; however, Kay leans more to the creative side with a business approach much like the angle in Field of Dreams, ‘if you make it, they will come..they will buy…they will pay a fair price.’ Julia on the other hand who like Kay loves creating also loves selling their product because she has a heart for marketing in her genetic make-up.

A story unfolded at breakfast that illustrates Julia’s passion about getting their product on the necks, ears and arms of every woman. A trip to a local salon/spa to deliver their brochures turned into a full fledged one woman selling campaign to two women trapped with their feet in a pedicure bath. Kay said both women sat wide eyed as Julia demonstrated how an adornment of bracelets would add flair to their lives. Actually, maybe it was Kay observing her friend and business partner who was wide-eyed.

Julia laughed and said her kids say every seven years she launches into something new.

Recently, the two added a studio to Kay’s home, where they create and display their beautiful, original handmade jewelry. It is a bright light filled space where the two of them work side by side. It is a reflection of a time when small shops produced items as functional as furniture and whimsical as ladies’ hats.

I have purchased some pieces from them. One of my favorites is a necklace and earring set with ceramic houses…I even purchased one for a friend’s birthday. The ceramic houses are handcrafted by yet another woman who lives in Finland. Their jewelry is like a map of the world where I can enter tiny workshops of creative minds and hands by clasping on a bracelet or a necklace.imageYesterday, I purchased a beautiful necklace of Kazuri beads. In a way I feel like a world traveler, wearing pieces of people’s lives not just objects of beauty in exploration of the stories that make the works personal.

What if, like Julia and Kate, EVERY SEVEN YEARS brought a new venture, a new adventure?

What if God intends that we forge friendships, take chances, display the works of his children, and celebrate life? What if He opens doors not just so we can walk through, but so we can glimpse the lives and gifts of others he loves? What would happen if I trusted enough that I could take his hand, skip like a child, and share the love of Jesus like scattering petals in ways I have not yet dreamed of?

Want to forge a friendship with two talented ladies, see some of their creations I suggest you visit or contact them on Facebook, Etsy, or at juliekatestudio@hotmail.com. You will not be disappointed and who knows maybe they will inspire you like they inspire me.




I really tried to do hyperlinks in this post, and although I succeeded the other day, I failed today….SO MUCH LEFT TO LEARN in this my seventh decade.

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