In the Company of Others–Walden Shores Flotilla



noun: a small fleet or a fleet of small vessels

The sky was clear, the sun was bright, the temperature was 70 degrees unless you were on a pontoon boat zipping across Tiger Lake through the canal to Lake Kissimmee in a caravan of boats from Walden Shores. . .or unless you were Janice, who took the land route. The wind chill factor could not detract from the warmth of good friends, a beautiful setting and three layers of clothing. At one point my windbreaker became inflated so that I looked like a balloon with a tiny head.

Our Captain, Billy Turner

Our Captain, Billy Turner

There were four boats and twenty people, who descended on The Port, a restuarant on the water near Haines City, Florida. imageWe were seated on the porch with a view of the docks. The servers were friendly, efficient and I did not hear a single negative comment about the food…which considering that there were twenty of us is pretty astounding. It was fun getting to know people we hadn’t met before…and getting to know people we had met better. I had the grouper sandwich, blackened, in case anyone wondered.image

Our First Mate, Linda Turner

Our First Mate, Linda Turner

The return trip was warmer, with the wind to our backs. We stopped at Camp Mack for ice cream….obviously our body temps had risen enough to enjoy the cold stuff. As we traveled back through the canal to Tiger Lake, we watched an eagle soared over. We observed a myriad of wild life who make those shallow places their home, including two osprey were fishing, water fowl dotted the grasses and lily pads, and we counted six alligators stretched out, sunning themselves along the banks.

So even though the trip to The Port chilled my bones a bit, it reminded me that life is best lived in the company of others with time later like right now to be alone and contemplate the joy of a shared experience.

imageSo though I shivered a bit as our Walden Shores Flotilla advanced, the experience brightened the day.


Did I mention Janice took the land route?

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