Ro*Tel Cheese Dip, Really! And You Waited Till Now to Tell Me?

Do you associate certain foods with life experiences or people? Well, I do. For example anytime I eat a no-bake chocolate cookie, I think of Susie Noel, who always brought them to church dinners. I associate shrimp with Christmas Eve at our home in Kentucky, because I get two trays with cocktail sauce for my son-in-law, Mark and my Kentucky grandkids. Most of us have traditional dishes that seem perfect for say, Thanksgiving, but somehow not right for Independence Day.

BUT do you have a dish that brings, let us say, amorous feelings? I do, Ro*Tel Cheese Dip. Every time I dip a chip into that cheesy dish, I get a little rush, a glimmer of a memory that causes color to rise in my face and it is not from the peppers in the Ro*Tel.

Without revealing a very private and special memory let me just say that once upon a time, late at night, my husband and I were rummaging through the refrigerator for a snack and found Ro*Tel Cheese Dip, left over from a party. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, we had no chips, so we proceeded to use our fingers to feed each other the dip. You probably get the picture.

So since the early 1980’s I cannot eat Ro*Tel Cheese Dip without smiling in honor and memory of that evening with the man I love…I should mention I also still get a little rush remembering.

But for some reason I never shared that with Terry. I suppose I thought he had the same association. So tonight before Super Bowl Forty-Nine, I made the sexiest dish I know and asked him if he remembered that night. Did he? OF COURSE NOT! He asked me questions such as, “Where were we living at the time?”

He then looked at me, shook his head and said, “You never cease to amaze me.” I am not sure he meant that completely positively, because he followed it with a mutter under his breath which sounded something like “all those years, who knew, Ro*Tel Dip”. Out loud he said, “AND, You WAITED till now to TELL me!”


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