A Circle of Daisies

The Pattern

The Pattern

In this afternoon’s One Stroke Painting Class tracing the pattern “Daisy Round” proved to be the most difficult step for me. We were tracing through a white napkin. I had my corners lined up so I could keep it straight, but the napkin kept slipping a bit. So I did what I could with the pattern beneath and then pulled it out and improvised the rest. Doris, our instructor, continues to circle the table offering suggestions, encouragement, and even hands on assistance if necessary throughout the session. However, she does not jump right in and take over.
My Napkin Painting

My Napkin Painting

Almost finished with the project

Almost finished with the project

Her patience and encouragement as well as her provision of instruction and colors for our pallet allows each one of us to produce similar and yet distinct pieces. As we worked, we talked, which I find to be one of the most fulfilling activities involved in taking a class with other people, especially positive, up beat folks.

The Greeks have a word for it: Koinonia [Community from which we get the words communion, common, and even communication.] In classical Greek, koinonein means “to have a share in a thing,” as when two or more people hold something, or even all things, in common. It can also imply “sharing an opinion” with someone, and therefore agreeing with him, or disagreeing in a congenial way. Only participation as a contributive member allows one to share in what others have. What is shared, received or given becomes the common ground through which Koinonia [Community] becomes real.

So our painting class, unlike when I paint at my little table on our sunny porch here in Florida, becomes a place of sharing, receiving and giving, a place where the common interest, painting, opens doors to friendship and COMMUNITY.

I find some of that same experience in the exercise classes both here and in Kentucky that Terry and I participate in. I find that in small groups that meet to share a meal on a flexible but regular basis. When I was working I found it in shared projects and goals with my co-workers. While in the past I have sought Koinonia in Worship and Holy Communion with others who share a love for Jesus Christ, I am learning to expand the concept. So that even painting a “Circle of Daisies” with people in the over 55 age group, who bring their regional, social, and experience diversity brings sharing, receiving and giving so that I hope everyone, but I know I am blessed to stand on COMMON GROUND.


Common Ground has a way of becoming Holy.

One Stroke Painting Class week two

One Stroke Painting Class week two

This post is dedicated to Charlotte, Chris, Cindy, Doris, Hazel, Michelle (who was absent today), Shirley, Valerie, and Vi, my community of painting students and teacher.


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