What was I thinking?

imageI love being “Mimi” to the multiple personalities that represent my grandchildren. Whether near or far–I am pretty far from all of them at the moment with six in Oklahoma and three in Kentucky–I love hearing about their activities, following the ones on Facebook, getting pictures and videos in text messages as well as the occassional live conversations on Facetime or the phone. I often imagine the fun things I could do with them and have managed to live out some of those imaginings.

As they have aged–one is out on his own, two are in college, two in high school, two in middle school, and two in elementary school–our relationship has changed. They are in the process of distancing themselves, becoming independent as well as discovering new friends, activities, and talents. I couldn’t be prouder, but it creates some grandparenting challenges, which can lead to “ERRORS.”

One of our grandchildren keeps the cell phone attached. So Mimi, when away, sends videos, pictures, etc. that I think will amuse or brighten the day.


Yesterday about 1PM here, Noon Central time, I decided to send a video of our dog Max and the Elevator experience. WHAT WAS I THINKING? No texting, cell phone use while school is in session did not even occur to me until mid way through our exchange of texts.  Our exchange which I chose not to post here confirmed she was in school and was responding to me.  YIKES!

My role as a grandmother may not be as disciplinarian, but it certainly is not supposed to encourage rebellion either. So I am curtailing my texting, no matter how urgent OR funny it seems, to hours before and after school. Knowing this grand as I do, I doubt there is any real rebelling–too concerned about doing well in school and keeping up multiple activites to chance being in trouble but at least I won’t be the one tempting my grand to glance at the incoming messages.

Nothing like being called to the principal’s office to explain your actions when you are 69 years and 8 months of age. Somehow, I doubt the second childhood defense, no matter how true, would work.


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