Choosing to Laugh


Let me start this out with two gigantic, “Oops!”

I stated that I was already in my Seventh Decade, which my husband informs me is a bold faced lie. No, he did not put it that way, he simply reminded me that I would not be in my Seventh Decade until April. Of course, I informed him that I knew that, lest he think dementia had skewed my sense of time, although frankly I doubt if I were demented that I would see myself older than I am…I digress..I told him that I wanted to start all this reflection with the New Year and since I would be 70 in April, I chose not to call it, “The Last Hurrahs of My Sixth Decade”.

Also, I indicated that we were now either Kentuckians or Floridians, also not technically true since we are also still Oklahomans. My aforementioned brother, Tom who lives with us owns a home there that requires attention, maintenance, and money. Additionally, we still have family there, our sons, daughters-in-law, grandkids, brothers and their families, imageincluding nieces and nephews, my Aunt Beulah and my cousins.

Yesterday, I felt the urge to talk to my daughter-in-law, Martha. So, I called her. Now you have to understand that I can always count on Martha for lively, sometimes emotional, but always rewarding conversation. In short, no matter what is happening from Josh being the Chic-a-Filla Cow along side Pistol Pete, the mascot for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, to the latest lowdown from work, whether “triumph or disaster”, Martha and I together “meet those two imposters just the same” (Rudyard Kipling) WITH LAUGHTER! Needless to say we talked for sometime and when I hit END on my phone, I felt connected to my family there again and SOOO thankful that we can talk every once in awhile…doubt she could stand any more often.

Laughter is so important to Living, that I contend there is a need to track down, seek out and even manufacture moments no matter how ridiculous that break through the walls and barriers and bring laughter into the world. Not laughter at anyone else’s expense but laughter that lifts spirits without even lifting “spirits” in a toast. I am not gifted with the ability to tell stories like my friends, Judy and Linda, but Lord! I do love soaking up their tales. I cannot shed light on the Gospel with humor like our pastor, Dan Saunders can, but Thank You, Lord…I can take it in when we are in Kentucky. I do share many moments with my husband when something strikes both of us as funny and we can barely keep it together.

So ridiculous or not I choose to laugh as deeply ad as often as I possibly can…in the latter days of my sixth decade and into my seventh.

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