Planning to Travel Takes Longer than Packing

OK!  I admit it, I once could keep two or three lists going in my head at once.  Not so now.  I have a list for shopping, a list for the functional aspects of being gone for two months, such as remembering to upplug all appliances except the refrigerator and freezer, and a list of what we the humans need to pack.  And the dogs, I have a list for them,  call the vet get all vacinations updated and the paperwork to prove it, plus sedation for our anxious Emma…I may sedate Max too.  Not to mention trying to buy the groceries we will use in one week, so I leave nothing to rot in the refrig.

Additionally, there is the grooming for the dogs, baths, toenail trims, cuts as well as grooming for me, eyebrow shaping and lip waxing–yes! I do get a bit of a moustache if I don’t get it waxed every couple of weeks.  On the plus side of the hair grooming issue I don’t need to shave my legs as often as I once did or maybe I do but I can’t see the need.image



I keep thinking that the next time we travel 800 miles south to our little place in Florida we will travel lighter.  Well, it hasn’t happened yet.  I am bound to my paper lists, checking them twice, and marking them through ONLY when I am absolutely sure it is completed.

By the time we leave next Sunday (God Willing) I am going to need a two month vacation.


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